Procurement services
An independent distributor with a global reach, Alphatex is not restricted from providing products and services to any specific country, which means we can provide solutions to customers of any nationality.

Inventory control programs
Alphatex Corporation specializes in consignment inventory programs, which ensures more timely deliveries to customers.

Just-in-time (JIT) delivery systems
Just-in-time deliveries enable Alphatex customers to maintain better control of their inventory and improve cash flow.

Supply of kits
Alphatex delivers complete kits based on the customer’s bill of materials.

Tape & reeling
Alphatex will tape and reel your components according to your specifications.

Alphatex can deliver boards or complete products based on the customer’s needs.

Technical library
Alphatex provides all the required technical support, such as cross referencing and data sheets.

Excess Inventory
Alphatex can offer your excess inventory to clients around the world.