Inspection processes

Alphatex‘s inspection process is compliant with ISO 9001 standard, which ensures that each product offers the highest quality and reliability.

  • All boxes received undergo visual inspection.
  • The codes and number of parts are checked by comparing them to the respective documentation, and any discrepancies are resolved before proceeding to the inspection area.
  • After the components are delivered to the inspection area, they are examined in detail using microscopes, bar codes and magnifying lenses. Next, the components are photographed and the records are filed for future use.
  • Any components that fail inspection are thoroughly documented and removed to a quarantine area to be returned to the manufacturer.
  • All components approved by the inspection process are placed in anti-static packaging and stored in our inventory while awaiting authorization for shipment to the customer.
  • All materials are stored in climate-controlled environments.
  • Lastly, our logistics department delivers the goods and documentation to the freight carriers in an agile and proactive manner.

Watch our video to learn more about Alphatex’s inspection process.