Delivery times in the electronics industry

pcb-board-lThe semiconductor market currently moves – when delivery times and prices are concerned – only marginally.

“On the procurement market, analog products display stable prices and delivery times between 6-10 weeks,” EMS provider CCS Group announced. Discrete, optical and standard logic components follow a flat price trend with stable delivery times between 8-16 weeks. The same trend is shown for processors and programmable logic blocks with delivery times between 12-20 weeks.Only the computer-specific DRAMs show a slight increase in prices and delivery times. The latter has moved up to between 14-20 weeks, the EMS provider announces.Delivery times for passive components are increasing (general trend). Delivery times for capacitors are now between 20-24 weeks, which makes early planning mandatory.Delivery times for electromechanical products have been stable for months. However, prices are still (selectively) increasing due to the tense situation concerning raw material (including conflict minerals, rare earth) in some economic regions.

Source: evertiq/Europe

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